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Where to find a food experience in North Dorset

Leakers Bakery in Bridport, Dorset, uses flour from Cann Mill, Shaftesbury

IT’S all very well having a nice meal, or enjoying a cold craft beer. But wouldn’t you also like to know more about how they are made – or make them yourself?

North Dorset is hotching with artisan food producers, with bread, cheese, cider, wine and charcuterie all produced within five miles of Shaftesbury. And not just staple foodstuffs: beef jerky, smoked trout and yerba mate drinks from nearby too.

Many are small producers and don’t have the resources to open their doors. But increasingly the option to get involved, to have ‘an experience,’ is on the table in North Dorset. Breadmaking, charcuterie courses, farmgate milk and open vineyards are all on the menu…. Check the locations on our map, right.

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Shaftesbury: walk ancient trees with glorious views

AN EASY and LEVEL-ish walk around the hill top through trees and views. Most, except cobbles and steep parts (in italics) which can be avoided, is suitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs. Much of the walk is away from cars and you will meet dog walkers. You could easily walk it in 30 minutes.

Read a review of the walk, and listen to audio interviews from This is

1 START AT THE GUILD HALL at the bend in the High Street.

2 Taking care on the cobbles, you can go around the Guild Hall to gaze down Gold Hill, the view framed by receding cottages and the high, buttressed greensand wall. Then go along Park Lane, or direct from the High Street west into PARK WALK, a broad promenade with wide views over the Blackmore Vale to the south and Melbury Hill to the south-east. Nuns walked here from the 9th to the 16th century, around the Abbey founded by King Alfred for his daughter Aethelgifu. The under-town (sub-urb) of St James lies beneath the slopes.

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Thomas Hardy in North Dorset

Sherborne was transformed into a 19th century fair for the 2015 film Far From The Madding Crowd

NORTH Dorset was a huge inspiration to Thomas Hardy. The principal towns, Shaftesbury and Sherborne, both feature heavily in his novels, with Gillingham also playing a supporting role.

In the surrounding countryside, the Blackmore Vale was the backdrop to his most lyrical writing about nature, with the honey stone village of Marnhull home to Tess of the d’Urbervilles. Indeed, Tess, Jude the Obscure and The Woodlanders – his last three novels – were all largely based in North Dorset.

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The Great Gold Hill clean-up

The extraordinary thing is that nobody appears to own the old Abbey Wall that borders Gold Hill. Not the county, district or town council, not English Heritage or another national conservation body. Not even The Abbey Museum.

But with Gold Hill being Shaftesbury’s biggest tourism asset, allowing Gold Hill to become Green Hill is not an option. So credit to Anne Giberson, chair of Shaftesbury and District Tourism Association (SDTA) for persevering in getting funding for the clean up work to be done.

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11 brilliant reasons to visit Shaftesbury in summer 2018

NORTH Dorset comes alive in the summer with a series of superb and well-established shows and festivals that reflect the region’s rich culture and agricultural history. Woodcraft, cheese, steam engines and heavy horses all have their own festivals, with celebrations of music, theatre and outdoors pursuits. Shaftesbury sits at the heart of these bucolic outbursts of pleasure, and is the natural place to base yourself to party.

We look forward to welcoming you to Shaftesbury this summer, The High Point of Dorset.


MAY 13

The Great Gold Hill Cheese Challenge. Photos, including above and below: James Thrift Photography

Watch grown men race up Gold Hill carrying 14” diameter truckles of cheese weighing 55lbs. Women and children race too, and a team relay event to boot.

The Cheese Races are the brainchild of Charlie Turnbull of the ubiquitous cheese deli in town – sadly, this is Turnbull’s last day in business, as Charlie seeks new adventures. So let’s make it cracker of a cheese day! Barnaby Cox won the men’s event for four consecutive years until 2017 – will he claim his crown back? Will the firemen take the team title?

The Cheese Races form part of a wider Food & Drink Festival: there will be 100 stalls the length of the town, featuring the Anonymous Travelling Market on Park Walk, as well as producers from The Dorset Farmers Market and Dorset Food and Drink in the High Street.

Live cooking demonstrations will be taking place outside Shaftesbury Town Hall at the ‘Chef’s on Stage’ demonstration kitchen, including David Griffin-Shepherd from La Fleur de Lys restaurant in town.

In addition, there will be live music in Swans Yard, medieval and Maypole dancing in the Abbey Gardens and the Shaftesbury Town Silver Band.

It’s all part of a day long festival of food, fun and frivolity – and it’s FREE! Details: Shaftesbury Festival

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Buy milk direct from the dairy in Dorset

SHAFTESBURY residents and visitors have the choice of another fresh-from-the-farm milk supplier, with Madjeston Milk Station opening at Newhouse Farm outside Gillingham.

Madjeston Milk Station

It’s the latest dairy farm in the area to install a vending machine filled daily with milk from the herd and pasteurised on the farm itself. The service opened last month, and is now available 24 hours a day – just turn up, put £1 in the machine and fill your re-usable litre bottle. Or £2 for two litres.

With farmers earning an average 30p a litre from commercial customers, being able to sell directly to customers for £1 is a great benefit. And the customers get creamy unhomogenised milk while supporting farmers who, at Newhouse, have kept it in the family since 1927.

Reports from farms that have installed the machines suggest sales of 60-70 litres a day, the figures doubling at weekends. Let’s say 500 litres a week, so an improved income of £350 a week.

Take out (generous) running costs of £100, and the start-up costs of building a shed for the vending machines, security cameras and so on, and farmers could pay off the cost of a £15,000 vending machine within two years.

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Shaftesbury, Dorset: these are a few of our favourite things

Johnnie and Tiggy Walker presented with a cheque for Carers UK by Giles Maling, general manager of The Grosvenor Arms, after a fundraising event at the hotel. Pic: Gillingham News

FIVE people who love Shaftesbury reveal the places they recommend to friends and family visiting the town and surrounds. Read their tips and check out the locations on our Google map


We consider ourselves very lucky to live in this beautiful part of the world and be part of this lovely little town. Here are the five things we would recommend:

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Behind the scenes at Stourhead

NOT many people know this. Every winter, when Stourhead House is closed to the public, the volunteers run special tours into the back passages of the house while it is being cleaned and the conservators move in to do their work.

The tours are free (although you have to pay the £16 admission to the house) and provide a fascinating insight into the colossal work that goes on just to keep the house going and its contents preserved.

Three tours run on most days through to March 5. Booking is essential, and groups are usually up to 15 for each tour. Shaftesbury Tourism accompanied four members of the British Guild of Travel Writers last week, and this is what we found….

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Take a New Year’s walk at Stourhead


Stourhead is just 10 miles from Shaftesbury and the garden remains open year-round (the house remains closed on weekdays after Christmas until March 13, although open at weekends).

The landscaped garden was created more than 250 years ago. In winter, as the leaves have fallen, you can clearly see the design and how Capability Brown’s vision has turned into something spectacular.

The garden temples take pride of place during winter, offering viewpoints and shelters before you continue on the circular walk around the lake. The winter light, a result of the low sun, also creates wonderful shadows throughout the day allowing the garden to be seen in a new perspective. Sight isn’t the only sense that benefits from the winter season; sounds are amplified around the garden due to the lack of leaves.

The garden itself is quieter, with fewer visitors, and so you are more likely to see some of Britain’s native species of birds. And as a bonus, visitors are able to take their dogs on a lead between December-February all day, every day.

You can combine the walk with a Behind-Closed-Doors guided tour of the house, to learn about the conservation work at Stourhead. The tours are being held three times daily on 29 days in January and February, 2018. They are free, but normal admission charges apply to the venue.

* Read more about the stupendous walking around Shaftesbury, including The Wessex Ridgeway, North Dorset Trailway, the White Hart Link and walks in Gillingham’s Royal Forest.

** This is part of the feature Nine Brilliant Reasons to Visit Shaftesbury in Winter

Christmas gifts from Shaftesbury? Where to buy your treats online

WE STRONGLY support shopping in Shaftesbury and Gillingham for the Christmas tree and table. But if you have moved away from the area, and would like a seasonal reminder of the auld home, then shopping online is a perfect way to browse for gifts and treats.

Many of the area’s retailers have now built a shop online, and many more will follow – perfect for North Dorset ‘expats,’ and for those living here who’d like to send a gift to friends and family further afield.

All the retailers mentioned here have an online presence, and there is still plenty of time to place your orders for this Christmas and support your excellent Shaftesbury and Gillingham retailers.

If you are a producer in the vicinity selling North Dorset-related Christmas gifts or food and drink, and have an online shop – do let us know! Leave a comment with a brief description of your product and the website. Thanks!


Planked Dorset wood carving

Planked is a small Dorset company making stuff out of wood! Setup by designer/maker Lucy Ball in 2010 with a passion for woodworking, it produces handmade contemporary British small furniture, sculptures and homewares. Everything is designed with both practicality and aesthetics in mind, to form very unique products from sustainable timber, sourced both locally and from afar.

This Dorset oak cheese carver retails for £30.

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