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Where to buy the best of Shaftesbury and North Dorset online

Pic: Coconut and Cotton

THE disruptive impact of the coronavirus is considerable, and will continue to be so for months to come. The independent shops in Shaftesbury are a strong feature of the town, and will need a lot of support to stay afloat.

Many food outlets have adapted, providing takeaway or delivery services. Some, including Coconut and Cotton, will deliver locally. Shaftesbury Wines will also deliver locally. But most shops will remain closed to visitors until it is deemed safe to re-open – an updated list of retailer status is available at This is Alfred website.

In the meantime, many retailers have an online shop where you can browse magnificent North Dorset gifts and produce, perfect for North Dorset ‘expats,’ and for those living here who’d like to send a gift to friends and family further afield.

So do take a look at their sites. Many will still be able to dispatch products immediately, some may take a while longer, some have closed operations for the duration. But all will need huge support in 2020 to ensure long-term health, and keep Shaftesbury thriving as a must-visit destination.


Green + Grainy

This gluten-free and vegan plant-based food company in East Orchard, Shaftesbury, was created in 2018 by Jasmin Giles, who is passionate about promoting healthy eating, and the positive affects this can have on our bodies, the environment and our general well being.  The range of ‘no-bake’ bars and ‘bliss balls’ are made using nuts, seeds, dried fruits and nutrient dense ingredients. It’s health-conscious eating, and G&G works with a yoga retreat and nutritionist locally. Jasmin also runs a catering business as well as selling her treats online.

The four bars (Raw Snickers, Orange & Almond, Berry Bounty and Salted Maca Millionaire)  can be bought online (eight bars for £16.50).

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